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I shall work with this general objective: That I am accountable to God, to Mother Earth, to my country, to my fellowmen, and to myself.


I shall uphold the ideals and follow the norms and ethical conduct of this noble profession.

I shall pursue moral and professional excellence to the utmost level of integrity through industrious dedication and meaningful application to my work that merits a reputation for the quality of services worthy of fair remuneration.

I shall pledge myself to the highest standard of professionalism in relation to clients, colleagues, industry partners, and society.

I shall dedicate myself to the pursuit of creative endeavor towards the goal of enlightened Art and Science, generously sharing it.

I shall respect the rights and works of my colleagues in the profession and confine my comments to constructive intents.

I shall endeavor to do my duty in the protection of our common environment and the preservation of architectural heritage for the sake of the present and future generations.

So help me God.

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